A Library for Life

Our library will become the central hub of our school and provide a window to the world for all of our students. 


Our library will be a space where the curiosity of young minds is encouraged, the independent skills of research and study is developed and a culture of reading for pleasure is grown. 

Library quote.png

The National Literacy Trust research shows that school libraries have a positive impact on all areas of students’ learning, including the development of reading and writing skills, overall academic attainment and perhaps most importantly, their wellbeing. 

So help us to fill our bookshelves and ignite the minds of RFSS Students!


Supporting Our Local Bookshop

We have teamed up with Hunts Bookshop in Rugby where you can purchase a book from our Library Wish List at a set price of £7.99 (Contact them on: 01788 551867 or or through Facebook: @huntsbookshop)

For every 10 books purchased Hunts Bookshop will gift our library an additional book for free. You can choose a book from our wish list or Hunts can choose on your behalf! 

Amazon/Other Retailers

Alternatively, if you would like to donate but would prefer to use another retailer you can purchase a book from our wish list. 

Donate Pre-Loved Books

We are also happy to take donations of pre-loved books! As long as they are in good condition and are of interest to students from 11-18 then please feel free to drop off a donation to the main reception.