Hezron Brown

On Wednesday the 6th of October Pride of Britain award winner Hezron Brown will be spending the day at RFSS as part of our ‘Set for Life’ curriculum.  Hezron had a difficult start in life, was completely disengaged with education and became part of a criminal gang.

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With support, he turned his life around and is now a role model and motivational speaker for young people across the country. #Respect #Health and Wellbeing

At RFSS we are passionate about safeguarding committed to raising students' awareness of mental health and wellbeing and exploitation and making sure students are aware of how to access support both in school and in the community. Hezron will be talking to students about his life and the risks of Child Criminal Exploitation. He will also be sharing his story with staff and students from local schools about spotting the signs of criminal exploitation and how to access support. The day will be followed by additional information and support for parents around child exploitation and external support available. #Community #kindness 

Please click on the link below to find out more about Hezron Brown