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Teaching and Learning

Quality-first Teaching and Learning is at the centre of our school’s ethos, and is the key priority for all staff.

Our aim is for teachers to deliver high-quality lessons to all year groups, whilst also being supported to develop through pertinent and purposeful internal and external CPD that is bespoke.


At RFSS, we believe 

our students are entitled 

to consistently good 



Learning is integral to everything we do at RFSS. We ensure that all of our students, regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability, receive the best possible learning experiences, to enable them to achieve and maximise their potential. Our forward-thinking curriculum, designed to meet the needs of all learners, is delivered by subject specialists, who embrace the latest innovations in teaching and learning.


At RFSS, we continually support students to develop a love of learning to help them become learners for life, in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills that they will need in the real world. This is also the case with our teaching staff, who continuously develop and update their own pedagogical practices, through Action Research projects and other bespoke professional development sessions.


At RFSS, we expect our staff to adopt a set of Teaching and Learning principles that are both research-based and pedagogy-led, ensuring all students are seen as individuals who are not limited by their ability or expertise. This framework allows for the systematic growth of minds, and the development of the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success. In addition to this, we believe that staff are the experts in their areas, and we aim to work collaboratively to share good practice and ideas.


Our students are encouraged to use their thinking skills to build on existing knowledge, generate their own ideas and opinion, and to solve problems effectively, both individually and in collaboration with their peers. This philosophy also extends itself to the personal aspect of Teaching and Learning, as we strive to develop well rounded individuals who are respectful, curious and resilient.

SmartStyle Face Masks

Our SportStyle Masks

• Our SportStyle personal face masks are re-usable and has been developed to suit all sporting activities with its high breath-ability. • Adjustable ear loops enable you to wear them for long periods without the discomfort typically caused by fixed ear loops or toggles rubbing in the back of your ear. • Nose clips at the top of the mask to help it sit as close as possible to the face. • Made to ensure they hug the face closely, prevents viruses and particles sneeking through gaps. All this whilst bringing a bit of style to what is typically a boring product. • New Lycra Fabric - 68% PA (polyamide) 32% EA (elastane)​ that has sunblock factor 50 & is chlorine resistant. *when worn with a filter


• Fabric content: Lycra, Inner & Outer - 68% PA (polyamide) 32% EA (elastane)​ • Hydrophobic (water repellent) • 20+ colours. • Optional colours of binding & elastic. • Sunblock factor 50. • Chlorine resistant. • Perfect for summer, training, gym, wet weather. • Shaped to hug the face for comfort and prevent gaps that allow viruses easy access. • Inner lined pocket for a filter - i1 only, i2 is single layer. • Toggle draw for easy adjustment. • Large size fits all ages +8yrs. Small size for 2-7yrs (i1 only) • Adjustable ear loops for greater comfort on +8yrs. Toggle only on 2-7yrs. • Neck band so that it can hang around the neck when not required to cover mouth/nose. • Washable at 30 degrees. • Re-usable. • Supplied with two free SmartStyle filters per mask - i1 only • Not recommended for critical care situations. These are not medical masks. • Always wash your hands before putting on and removing your mask.