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Meet Roger Eadon

Roger Eadon
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Learn a little more about Roger Eadon

Roger has 33 years of experience in secondary education in schools, 18 of these were as a senior school leader. He was Deputy Headteacher at Southam College through two 'Outstanding' Ofsted Inspections and was Headteacher of DSLV, a 3-18 'Good' school in Daventry, overseeing a significant increase in student numbers and student performance in examinations.

Roger's background is in Physical Education and he still enjoys teaching on the sports field, in the Sports Hall and in the classroom. He was Head of PE for 12 years and acted as a mentor to new Heads of PE in Warwickshire. He joined RFSS, having previously worked with Iain Green, as he strongly aligns with the school's ethos that 'Relationships are at the heart of RFSS'. Roger states that students will only make the most of their potential if they feel safe, valued and respected.

Roger was appointed to Deputy Headteacher at RFSS in May 2023 to lead on the 'Quality of Education'. He is working with colleagues to continue to evolve an inclusive curriculum which is aspirational for all and which empowers our students to make outstanding academic and personal progress. He is overseeing teaching and learning to help ensure that lessons are effective in building student motivation and success in external exams.

Away from school, Roger's wife is a Primary School Headteacher and he is incredible proud of his son and daughter. Although his Rugby, Cricket and Marathon days may have passed. Roger still competes in Bikejor, which involves his dogs pulling his mountain bike!

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