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Meet Seb Cooper

Roger Eadon
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Learn a little more about Seb Cooper

Seb joined Rugby Free Secondary School as a qualified Physics Teacher in September 2019, experienced with teaching students age 11 - 18. Born and raised in London, Seb has also spent his formative teaching years in the Lake District before settling back with family in the Midlands.

Coming into his teaching career with a degree in 'Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology', he has found great success as a teacher of Physics, Head of Subject, Head of Year and Whole School Assessment Lead. Naturally, he will be progressing up to his new role as Associate Assistant Headteacher in September 2023, with a specific focus on our MIS system, Timetabling, Assessment and Cover. As a result, Seb will be at the core of the work we perform daily. Utilising his great working relationships with the rest of the staff body and his knowledge of both pastoral and subejct pedagogy, he is building on the achievements of his predecessors to carry us forward to 'Outstanding' in the future.

Transitioning Seb into the senior leadership team has been a natural and easy step to take, having spent the past year in close collaboration with all our current members. He passed his NPQSL qualification in 2022, writing about his pastoral achievements and further highlighted his attention to detail with data and how to use data to boost school improvement from a behaviour perspective. Throughout his career at RFSS, he has been able to not only support our teachers, but also form effective relationships with our parents and students.

Outside of RFSS, Seb spends his time being the greatest dad in the world to his daughter Ada, born in January 2023, and husband to his wife Abi. He is a self-certified 'geek' who builds computers and loves using technology to be creative with Art, Music and more. Looking ahead, he simply can not wait to teach his daughter how to play the guitar.

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