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All that we do at RFSS is aimed towards the future of our students. We endeavour to prepare them for adulthood and the world of work, not only through our curriculum, but very specifically by delivering a thorough, complete and engaging careers programme, which begins in year 7 and continues through to sixth form and beyond.




“Resourced provision allows children to attend mainstream school, whilst accessing specialist provision. Placement in these settings is agreed by the Local Authority Provision Panel. This may be appropriate for a child with an EHC plan or who is undertaking the EHC assessment process. 


The Specialist Resource Provision at Rugby Free Secondary School is a resource base that offers a bespoke programme of support to students in years 7 to 11 whose primary area of need is Communication and Interaction. The provision is a calm, welcoming and safe space located at the heart of our beautiful school. Students enrolled in the provision are able to access a highly personalized and nurturing curriculum delivered by both our specialist and mainstream staff; including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and Set for Life skills. ​

Our Specialist Resource Provision is fully integrated with the broader educational and SEND offer of our school and our goal is to nurture each student’s wellbeing, confidence, and most importantly, their independence.  We aim to develop the crucial skills and attitudes each young person needs to be successful and to ensure that our students feel they belong within our school and the wider community. As such, students at our provision will be fully supported to access as much of the National and GCSE Curriculum as they are able, and where appropriate will be able to follow alternative pathways to gain functional skills and life skills qualifications including ASDAN qualifications. Students also have access to the rich and diverse range of extracurricular clubs and activities offered including sports, arts, and personal development that are on offer. ​

  • RFSS is an inclusive, aspirational school that currently supports a wide range of students with SEND​

  • The DfE full scale national SEND review acknowledged that the SEND system was failing to deliver improved outcomes for children and young people with SEND or alternative provision. ​

  • The green paper (2022) focused on delivering improved outcomes for children and young people with SEND, or who need alternative provision, building confidence and improving experiences, within a financially sustainable system. ​

  • The SEND Local Area Inspection by Ofsted/CQC visit in 2021 highlighted that ‘too many children and young people [in Warwickshire] have been placed in specialist settings without proper consideration of whether their needs could be met in mainstream schools.’ In addition, training for mainstream staff working with children with SEND was also highlighted in the inspection as an area of weakness in meeting the needs of this cohort.   ​

The SRP is intended to address the shortage of appropriate provision, whilst also enhancing the level of specialist SEND expertise within our school.

Who does the SRP serve?

Students whose primary additional educational need is Communication and Interaction, including; 

Those with Autism, developmental delays, significant speech and language delays and disorders, hearing impairment, ACEs

Students with related anxiety disorders, sensory needs, and motor coordination difficulties

Our provision is NOT suitable for students whose primary barrier to attending mainstream school is SEMH***

A maximum of 15 pupils for the 23-24 academic year, rising to 20 pupils in September 2024


Meet The Team


Elsa Elliott

Manager,  Specialist in Speech and Language Difficulties and Specialist in SEND Assessment



Helen Townsend

SEND Specialist Teacher and Specialist in Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing, experienced in SEMH



Donna Whitley

HLTA Specialist in Communication and Interaction, Sign Language, and PDA



Natalie Flitter

HLTA experienced with students with complex needs and SEMH



Sharon Large

LSA experienced in SEMH and ASD, having worked in several specialist educational settings


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