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Student Support

Each year group has a Head of Year who is a full time teacher, and an Assistant Head of Year (non- teaching) supporting this role.

There are also Form Tutors in each year group who meet with their class each morning for registration, and who deliver a Form Tutor programme throughout the year that covers all areas of PSHCE, and creates opportunities for celebrating success.


Our structure reinforces 

the school value of 

Collaboration as we all seek to 

work in partnership with 

your child. 


This structure also means that students and parents have three dedicated points of contact for their specific year group which allows for regular contact between school and home via phone, email or prearranged meetings. It also reinforces the school value of Collaboration as we all seek to work in partnership for the benefit of your child.


Please click the below area for information specifically relevant to your childs' year group: