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Student Support: Year 10

As the students enter Year 10, they will notice a real step up in the academic expectations on them as they begin their GCSEs in earnest. Strong routines and a desire to improve independently will be essential for the pupils and concepts we will focus on collectively. The foundations set at the start of this year will prepare them for the upcoming challenges their exams may offer.  

Developing the pupils as more than just academic students is fundamental to life at RFSS. Students in Year 10 will be provided with opportunities to further develop self-confidence, excellent communication skills and the determination to reach their potential. We expect students to engage in a variety of enrichment activities, including the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills by applying to become a school prefect. We ask our Year 10 pupils to act as positive role models to the younger students and becoming a prefect is one way to do this. Wider enrichment also enables students to develop a broad variety of skills outside the classroom, and encourages a well-balanced school life. 

As always, the year group will be supported by a dedicated team of Form Tutors who will deliver a Personal Development Programme, not only supporting the careers and academic side of education but also the wellbeing of the individual. We understand that there may be difficult times throughout the year and our Pastoral Staff will be there to guide all students through stormy seas until calmer waters are found. 

Year 10 will be a challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding year for all of our students and those who fully immerse themselves in the school’s principles and core values will achieve wonderful things. 

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Meet the Head of Y10 - Mr Doherty

Chris Dougherty

Mr Doherty has been teaching English for the best part of a decade, spending the last two years here at Rugby Free Secondary School, where he has taught a range of year groups and abilities.


Whilst teaching English has been his primary focus, working within the pastoral team has always been a real passion of his. To this end, Chris previously worked as a 'PP Champion' supporting the most vulnerable students in comprehensive education, before taking up the role of 'Head of Year' in September of 2022.


Dealing with the challenges that students face and being able to support their safeguarding needs has been a privilege and a responsibility he has truly enjoyed. He now looks forward to working with the Year 10 cohort.

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