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Student Support: Year 7

Year 7 is a crucial year for our students in ensuring they have a successful transition from primary school to secondary school. Whilst there are many differences that our students have to adapt to, we ensure that their transition is smooth and well supported. Throughout the year, we aim to ensure that all of our students become resilient and curious learners who always endeavour to achieve their best.  

Our Year 7s experience a vast and diverse curriculum, studying a range of subjects at Key Stage 3.


This allows them to lay the foundations of core knowledge and enables them to develop the skills needed to continue their journey through secondary school, GCSEs and beyond. Our Year 7s also have the opportunity to become immersed within our vast enrichment programme, enabling them to collaborate with other students both in Year 7 and across the school. From September, the Year 7s will be assigned to a House and will get the opportunity to compete, support and champion their House. They will also get the opportunity to join the student council, go on a range of school trips and end the year by supporting new students transition as Year 7 buddies.

We have extremely high expectations of our students from day one and strive to not only see them achieve academically, but grow into students that represent our core values as kind and respectful members of both our school and the wider community.  


Xian Wright



Fae Bantleman 


Meet the Head of Y7 - Ms Wright


Xian is an experienced English teacher with a profound dedication to education and a genuine passion for nurturing student development. With over six years of teaching experience, Xian's journey began in Essex, where she trained with Teach First. Having honed her expertise in the subject, Xian assumed the role of literacy coordinator at her previous school, where she made significant contributions to fostering literacy skills among students. However, her time at RFSS proved transformative as she discovered a newfound passion for pastoral care.


Starting as Head of Year 7, Xian has been dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition for students as they progress through their secondary education. The bond she forged with her year group was so strong that she followed them through to Year 8, fostering a sense of continuity and trust. Xian eagerly anticipates taking on the role of Head of Year 7 yet again, allowing her to develop her passion for supporting transition and fostering a positive start to secondary school. To further enhance her leadership skills, Xian is currently undertaking an NPQ in leading behaviour and culture, demonstrating a commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive school environment. Outside of the school setting, Xian finds solace in the pages of books, a fitting pastime for an English teacher. She also enjoys visiting the gym and spending time with her friends and family.  

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