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Working at RFSS

It is an exciting time to be working as part of the RFSS family, and as part of our trust Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. RFSS opened in 2016 and we relocated to our brand-new purpose-built facility in February 2020. 

Our school is committed to providing success for all of its students, and providing a workplace that supports its staff, to ensure they are able to work to the best of their ability for our students every day.


You won't find teachers and 

staff anywhere else who 

are as committed to a 

schools' vision. 


You won’t find teachers and staff anywhere else who are as committed to a school’s purpose and supporting its success. Relationships are at the heart of RFSS and underpin our new core values.... and we are always looking for dedicated staff who share our ethos and demonstrate our values. 


The wellbeing of staff is a priority here at RFSS and we have developed a wellbeing commitment for all staff. This is monitored by our Wellbeing group and regularly reviewed with all staff. 

Staff Wellbeing Commitment at RFSS 

At RFSS the senior leadership and Trust Board are committed to protecting and preserving positive staff wellbeing. RFSS is a people-centred school that places relationships at the core of its culture and ethos.

We support staff wellbeing in the following ways


  • We regularly give ‘shout outs’ for staff who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated an exceptional display of one of our values
  • We encourage and try to support flexible working requests and promote ‘family values’ as something that makes the workforce distinctive.
  • We try to ensure staff have the opportunity to attend personal events or celebrations when requested and within agreed time frame.


  • We have an active Staff Wellbeing committee who meet regularly to discuss staff wellbeing and workload.
  • We provide all new staff with a ‘buddy’ to provide support and advice.
  • We plan a variety of staff social events across the year.
  • We provide staff with a free lunch on the day of their duty.
  • We have regular staff breakfasts, provide food on all CPD days and occasional treats such as Pizza!


  • We invest heavily in staff CPD and both promote and support opportunities to develop staff.
  • We provide opportunities for all staff to network and visit other schools to improve their practice and share great ideas.


  • We have a Staff Room, where staff can meet, work and even socialise
  • Each faculty has its own staff work room
  • We have regular appraisal conversations to discuss career progression


  • We promote resilience through our reflective CPD pathways.
  • We have an area in the staff room dedicated to wellbeing which is used to promote health and wellbeing.
  • We share weekly health and wellbeing information.


  • Promote a work life balance by being considerate when sending emails and holding meetings.
  • We will endeavor to celebrate our staff and their achievements on a regular basis, for example; a black tie celebration evening.

In summary, we look after each other.  People and relationships are our greatest asset and one of the key ingredients in our journey to excellence. We are currently graded as inadequate by Ofsted (May 2019), but on our first monitoring visit (December 2019), it was recognised just how much the school has improved in such a short space of time. 

If you would like to come and visit us please contact:

Telephone: 01788 222060

Email: info@rugbyfreesecondary.co.uk