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Year 6 Transition TV: Episode 3

Explore our Subjects!

Endeavour - Resilience - Collaboration - Kindness - Respect - Curiosity

Welcome back to our third instalment of the Transition TV series. Now that many of you have found out which secondary school you are going to, you may have started to consider some of the big and exciting changes heading your way when you start your new school in September. A new building, a new uniform, new friends and so much more! The most important change (and challenge!) of course will be some of the new things you will learn and subjects you will start. To give you a taste of what's to come in terms of your lessons and your learning I thought it was best to speak to the experts!

Below you will find several videos from our extremely inspiring and passionate Directors of Learning and Subject Leads for some of our subject areas across school. They'll tell you more about what their subjects have to offer, what it will be like in Year 7 and some the new knowledge and skills you'll learn through your time at RFSS.

You can find out more about the other subjects we have on offer and our KS3 curriculum on our Curriculum pages linked below:

Unfortunately, due to mock exams for our Year 11 students we were unable to film the virtual tour which was promised for this months episode. However, we'll be sharing it in next months episode instead 'Explore our School!' - so stay tuned!

Episode 3: Explore our Subjects!




Design & Technology





Thank you so much for watching! If there is anything else you'd like information on regarding transition then please feel free to get in touch at


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