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Art and Design

The art and design curriculum is vibrant and dynamic, and is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue to study the subject at A-Level and beyond.


The curriculum is broad, enabling students to explore different disciplines within art, design and craft. Students can expect to learn about experimental and traditional drawing techniques, science illustration, optical illusions, wire sculpture, abstract mark making, portraiture and architecture, as well as how to create a personal response in their art work.


Art is not what you see, 

but what you make 

others see. 


Edgar Degas

The formal elements underpin the art and design curriculum and form the foundation of each project. Students will become reflective learners when analysing the work of others and their own work. Artist studies feature throughout the curriculum, as a form of inspiration and as part of the creative journey.


Through a series of portfolio-style projects and set briefs, students will gain a greater understanding of the assessment objectives at GCSE and learn how to produce a personal response, identify and analyse the work of other artists, experiment with a variety of media and materials and analyse and evaluate their own art work.


There are strong links with many other subjects throughout the curriculum, such as science, maths and design and technology. Projects in architecture, science illustration and anatomy of the heart provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning.

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