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Sixth Form

To apply for Sixth Form Bursary for 2023/2024 click the below link 

Guidance for the 16-19 bursary can be found below:

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We strive to 
develop well 
rounded individuals 
who are respectful, 
curious and 

Financial support is available to eligible students from the 16 to 19 bursary fund. The fund is intended to support students aged 16 to 19 in overcoming specific financial barriers to participation so they can remain in education.

There are two types of 16 to 19 bursaries:

  1. Bursaries for defined vulnerable students

  2. Discretionary Bursaries

Vulnerable Student Bursaries

Students with a financial need, who meet one of the following 4 criteria below, in addition to the criteria outlined in sections above, can apply for a bursary for vulnerable groups.

The defined vulnerable groups are students who are:

  • In care (NB: those who are privately fostered are not classed as looked after);

  • Care leavers;

  • Receiving Income Support (IS), or Universal Credit (UC) because they are financially supporting themselves or financially supporting themselves and someone who is dependent on them and living with them such as a child or partner; or

  • Receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) in their own right as well as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or UC in their own right

Discretionary Bursaries can be used for the following support: 

  • Help with specific course related costs such as books and other resources that are needed for your courses, educational visits (including University Open Days & Interviews) are also included.

  • Contributions to the cost of work experience placements

  • If you live more than 2 miles away from school we may reimburse bus travel expenses from weekly, monthly, or 3 monthly bus passes only. Individual bus tickets will not be accepted.

  • If you are not eligible for FSM you will also receive a contribution towards meals in the school canteen, if funds allow.

Click below to download our Sixth Form Bursary policy

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