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Sports Studies

Sport studies is an excellent course for students who wish to develop their knowledge on a variety of sports-based topics. This is a developmental course which requires students to study, and be assessed, in a variety of ways.

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Over the duration of the course, students will cover 4 different topics: Contemporary Issues in Sport (theory), Developing Sports Skills (practical), Sports Leadership (practical and theory) and Sport in the Media (theory). All these units will allow students to be introduced to topics and issues that will allow them to grasp these key areas.


Do your best when no one is 

looking. If you do that, then you 

can be successful at anything 

you put your mind to. 


Bob Cousy

All of these units will allow progressions to further education in the sports field in areas students may not have realised were possible, or even existed. This is a step up from core PE due to the theoretical content and nature of the course. Students will be coached, taught and guided along the way, to reach their potential in this course. With 3 coursework units and 1 exam unit, this is an excellent course for students who prefer opportunities to be assessed over a period of time rather than in 1 exam period. 

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