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Curriculum at RFSS

Our values-driven curriculum enables students to leave school with a combination of both academic qualifications, and crucial life-skills, allowing our students to open doors to the world that we live in. 


We passionately believe that positive relationships and learning go hand-in-hand, and it is through these connections that lifelong learners are created and established. 


The curriculum at RFSS 

places a significant emphasis 

on enabling academic, 

cultural, mental and 

moral growth. 


Our curriculum aims to: 

  • Develop kind, caring citizens who contribute positively to society and the community


  • Create reflective learners who are able to problem-solve, reason, evaluate and debate


  • Build lifelong learners who are able to access future career pathways in their lives, regardless of their starting points


  • Allow students the opportunities to apply their academic knowledge and skills to real world contexts and situations


  • Ensure students can articulate their own thoughts, ideas and emotions


  • Give students an insight in to how they learn and how their learning can be transferred to their long-term memory