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Curriculum at RFSS

Our values-driven curriculum enables students to leave school with a combination of both academic qualifications, and crucial life-skills, allowing our students to open doors to the world that we live in. 

We passionately believe that positive relationships and learning go hand-in-hand, and it is through these connections that lifelong learners are created and established. 


The curriculum at RFSS 

places a significant emphasis 

on enabling academic, 

cultural, mental and 

moral growth. 


Our curriculum aims to: 

  • Develop kind, caring citizens who contribute positively to society and the community


  • Create reflective learners who are able to problem-solve, reason, evaluate and debate


  • Build lifelong learners who are able to access future career pathways in their lives, regardless of their starting points


  • Allow students the opportunities to apply their academic knowledge and skills to real world contexts and situations


  • Ensure students can articulate their own thoughts, ideas and emotions


  • Give students an insight in to how they learn and how their learning can be transferred to their long-term memory

Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3

We currently provide a 2.5-year Key Stage 3 for our students in Year 7and 8, which means that we are able to start teaching GCSEs part of the way through Year 9. This has been to enable us to teach in more depth the new and more challenging GCSE courses whilst not reducing our capacity to allow for greater breadth in the curriculum at Key Stage 3. Students will therefore sample, pick and then start their GCSE option choices midway through Year 9.

In Key Stage 3, there are 50 single periods in a fortnight with each lesson lasting for 60 minutes. There is also a Form Tutor period that lasts for 30 minutes. This focuses on students' personal development. The fortnightly lesson allocation is as follows:

Key Stage 4

Students in Key Stage 4 (Years 9 to 11) have 50 periods per fortnight, with lessons lasting for 60 minutes. In addition to this, there is a Form Tutor period that lasts for 30 minutes, which will focus on students' personal development. The fortnightly lesson allocation is as follows: