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Curriculum at RFSS

Our values-driven curriculum enables students to leave school with a combination of both academic qualifications, and crucial life-skills, allowing our students to open doors to the world that we live in. 


We passionately believe that positive relationships and learning go hand-in-hand, and it is through these connections that lifelong learners are created and established. 

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The curriculum at RFSS 

places a significant emphasis 

on enabling academic, 

cultural, mental and 

moral growth. 


Curriculum Vision Statement: 

To build an inclusive curriculum which is aspirational for all and empowers our students to make outstanding academic and personal progress.  


Curriculum in Context: 

We are a proud member of the Learning Today Leading Tomorrow (LT2) Trust, which encompasses Rugby Free Secondary School and Rugby Free Primary School. The local context of Rugby heavily influences our curriculum intent and implementation, with the contextual landscape foregrounding the notion that students need to be successful, due to the higher-than-national-average cost of living in the region. Our curriculum offer is driven by the diverse and multicultural nature of our student body, which is something we proudly celebrate. We enthusiastically support a multitude of sub-groups, with curriculum amendments assisting the high numbers of SEND, EAL and Disadvantaged students at RFSS whilst also supporting HPA students to flourish and thrive in a truly holistic environment that is removed from the Grammar School system. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do here, and our warm-strict approach makes RFSS a unique, special and fulfilling place to learn, work and grow. 


Curriculum Aims: 


Our curriculum aims to: 

  • Fully support our students to be happy, healthy and safe in the modern world 

  • Empower our students to know more, remember more, and be able to do more 

  • Inspire our students to strive for excellence and success throughout their lives 

  • Prepare our students to be both literate and numerate 


Our broad and balanced curriculum concentrates on developing our students’ key knowledge and skills, and enhances their understanding of the world around them.   


We do this by: 

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and independence 

  • Facilitating collaboration 

  • Promoting challenge for all, irrespective of starting points 

  • Enabling creativity  

  • Sequencing learning to ensure logical progression, both horizontally and vertically 

  • Revisiting previous learning to support the transfer to long-term memory 


Our curriculum is focused on the development of communication, character and cultural capital of each individual student, so they become: 


  • Kind, caring citizens who contribute positively to society in a respectful manner 

  • Reflective learners who are resilient enough to problem-solve, reason, evaluate and debate 

  • Articulate individuals who can verbalise their own thoughts, ideas and emotions 

  • Hard-working and empathetic young people who are aware of how their learning links to real-world situations 


Curriculum Outcome: 

As a consequence of our curriculum, students who leave RFSS will be equipped with the academic qualifications and personal qualities to progress into further education or employment. Our students will have a positive outlook and a commitment to achieving their personal best, through a love of life-long learning. 

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