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At RFSS our Personal Development curriculum extends beyond the academic and supports our students in the many diverse aspects of life.

We teach our students how to embody our school values of:









Create the highest grandest 

vision possible for your life, 

because you become what 

you believe. 


Oprah Winfrey

Kindness – When kindness is authentic, it demonstrates true consideration and respect for others.

Collaboration – Working together we can achieve so much more.

Curiosity – asking questions makes learning more effective and enjoyable.

Respect – Everyone deserves to feel valued and important.

Resilience – It is ok to get it wrong, no body make progress getting it right their first attempt.

Endeavour – We try our best at everything whether we find it easy or not.

We believe that our schools core values prepare our students for their adult lives. Our Personal Development framework teaches students to understand how to engage with society and proves them an extensive range of opportunities to practice this.

Our Personal Development Framework is broken down into three Key areas.

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Developing Mutual Values

Students learn how our school values are tools to navigate through life, tools that needs sharpening over time. Our values curriculum helps students to revisit these values and apply them in their lives.

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Exploring Healthy Relationships

This part of our framework guides students in exploring all types of healthy relationships, from recognising on and off line risks to their wellbeing including mobile technology and social media, developing students understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthy and maintain and active lifestyle, our extensive enhanced curriculum and extra-curricular activities supports how important this is. We develop age appropriate understanding of relationships and sex education.

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Successful Career Planning

Our careers programme follows governments advice and statutory guidance we provide unbiased careers advice, experience of work, contact with employers, we encourage pupils to aspire, make good choices and understand what they need to achieve in order to take their next steps towards their career goal.