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Student Leaders

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Student Leaders at RFSS encapsulate our six core values at all times.


They have aspirations to become leaders in their adult lives and are passionate about using their voices to empower change among the student body of our school.


They are elected democratically by their tutor groups after a short presentation. 

Students Leaders are representatives for their form and support staff with ensuring the smooth running of multiple school events. 

We look forward to them becoming a central part of our new and growing community. 

Year 7 Student Leaders

7.1 Seb Kallah, Josh Murphy

7.2 Sienna Smyth, Penny Hobson

7.3 Mara Baesu, David Szulc

7.4 Freya Walker, Ruby Clarke

7.5 Amara Brassey, Malachi Chambati

7.6 Rebecca Coltan, Khwezi Moyo

7.7 Willow Palmer, Sofiya Shadiq

Year 8 Student Leaders

8.1 Keira Cossar, Evan Gravell

8.2 Theo Muller, Dorrit Davies

8.3 Hala Al Tourn, Shub Vaja

8.4 Stefan Manea, Lydia Wu

8.5 Abraham Jarju, Ellie Patrick

8.6 Sofia Bates, Jessica Charlton

Year 9 Student Leaders

9.1 Freddie Green, Kiefer Teasdale

9.2 Lauren Wilkins, William Barlow

9.3 Aquila Dulco, Zack Lowe

9.4 Cianan Evans, Hidaya Ahmed 

9.5 Junior Kabeya, Angelo Laye

Year 11 Student Leaders

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11.1 Jacob Green, Emine Das

11.2 Nicole Finnegan, William Carvell

11.3 Hemali Mistry, Hazel Jennings

11.4 Ella Trainer, Harrishan Sivaraj

11.5 Toby. O, Anastasia. G

11.6 Muhammad Salman, Elijah T

11.7 Gabriel Stroe, Nicole Nolberczak

Year 12 Student Leaders

Denise Veiga, Petala Dulco

Lexi Issitt, Zoe Dredge

Cameron Sheepy, Melissa Maron

Brogan Flowers, Freddie Ouattara

Richie Ford

Alvin Leung

Year 13 Student Leaders


Drew Moore, Jack McCulloch

Lauren Gibbons, Harriet Pryor

Tsunguari Chirumba, Joe Torrance

Matthew Sanders

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