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Welcome to RFSS

We are at the start of a very exciting journey and have worked extremely hard over the last year to create a culture of high expectations across the school, supported every step of the way by our Trust.

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An ambitious culture has been achieved through the development of strong and positive relationships with staff, students, parents and carers. Our reflective approach means we are always striving to improve in all that we do and believe that mistakes are only an opportunity to learn. 

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Welcome to Rugby Free Secondary School - an inclusive and forward-thinking school that promotes everything that is good in the world. 

Our school was judged by Ofsted to be ‘Good’ in July 2021 - an achievement we are all proud of. 

At Rugby Free Secondary School, we aim to foster kindness and pride, whilst maximising our academic and personal potential. We believe that all of our students should be happy and safe, whilst demonstrating the limitless endeavour and resilience required to succeed by striving for excellence. To achieve these goals, our school ethos is underpinned by the foundations of mutual respect, positive relationships and genuine curiosity.

This is encompassed in our educational philosophy of creating more articulate, organised and progressive learners, and the desire to create both independent and collaborative learners who are proud to be educated here. Achievement in all forms: artistic, academic, social, cultural, sporting and intellectual, are equally valued. Our wide-ranging curriculum gives scope for students to express preferences and enhance their abilities.

As a consequence of this, we focus on broadening our students’ core subject knowledge and understanding of the wider world. We not only prepare students to be ‘examination ready’, but place real value on ensuring that students are 'set for life’, and can access the world outside of our school buildings. To that end, we continually support students to develop a love of learning to help them become learners for life, in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills that they will need in the real-world. 

Our students are encouraged to use their thinking skills to build on existing knowledge, generate their own ideas and opinion, and to solve problems effectively, both individually and in collaboration with their peers. 

I look forward to working in partnership with you and I am committed to the success of our school. 

Mr Iain Green

Our Core Values

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The quality of friendliness, generosity, consideration, honesty



The belief that working and learning with others will lead to greater success



A strong desire to know and learn



To appreciate the importance of understanding and admiration for others and self



The ability to recover quickly and learn from the difficulties we face



The belief that hard work is needed to achieve something we can be proud of


We strive to 
develop well 
rounded individuals 
who are respectful, 
curious and 



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