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Welcome to RFSS

We are at the start of a very exciting journey and have worked extremely hard over the last year to create a culture of high expectations across the school, supported every step of the way by our Trust.

An ambitious culture has been achieved through the development of strong and positive relationships with staff, students, parents and carers. Our reflective approach means we are always striving to improve in all that we do and believe that mistakes are only an opportunity to learn. 


Students from over 30 primary schools join the RFSS family each year from across Warwickshire, all of whom bring their own set of experiences from their previous school community. Therefore, we invest heavily in pastoral support to ensure all students can establish positive relationships with their peers, and very quickly feel part of the RFSS family.


As a parent, I know that the happiness of our children, alongside success – be it sporting, academic or creative – is our top priority. Our aim is for all students to have the capacity to achieve their full potential and for our curriculum to nurture and develop each child’s hidden talents throughout their time at RFSS. We have designed an ambitious and forward-thinking curriculum which supports and challenges everyone in the school community to achieve incredible outcomes, success and happiness in both the short and long term.


Taking a holistic approach, we identify the barriers to learning that are likely to affect our students, and work relentlessly to address them. Our approach supports academic success, and promotes the development of strong character in our students, which means that when they leave RFSS, they will have the personal attributes to live happy and heathy lives, with the ability to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Our Core Values


The quality of friendliness, generosity, consideration, honesty


The belief that working and learning with others will lead to greater success


A strong desire to know and learn


To appreciate the importance of understanding and admiration for others and self


The ability to recover quickly and learn from the difficulties we face


The belief that hard work is needed to achieve something we can be proud of


We strive to 
develop well 
rounded individuals 
who are respectful, 
curious and 

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