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Year 13 Head Students

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Lyd Moser - Head Student

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Damien Smith - Head Student

Head Students at RFSS encapsulate our six core values at all times. They have aspirations to become leaders in their adult lives and are passionate about using their voices to empower change among the student body of our school. They are elected democratically by their peers and staff, after a leadership campaign, during which they must demonstrate their vision for and commitment to the school community. Our Head Students are role models for all students in the school, illustrating a strong academic skill set, alongside a compassion for the wellbeing of all students and staff at RFSS. They challenge all students to hold themselves to high standards, and coordinate and inspire the whole Student Leadership Team to do likewise. They play a key role in promotional events for the school and are a vital link for communication and collaboration between staff and students. We look forward to them becoming a central part of our new and growing alumni community. 

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