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Student Support: Year 9

Being in Year 9 at Rugby Free offers an exciting and dynamic experience for students. Your child will find themselves immersed in a vibrant and supportive environment that emphasises both academic achievement and personal development. At this stage, students will be encouraged to explore a new range of subjects by choosing their GCSE options at Easter, enabling them to discover their own passions and interests. The school's commitment to students will foster resilience, respect and a sense of collaboration among students. 


Year 9 provides opportunities for individual growth, with engaging lessons and a supportive network of teachers. Your child will be encouraged to take on new challenges, develop critical thinking skills, and expand their knowledge across various subjects. 


At RFSS, Year 9 is a pivotal stage where students can thrive academically and personally, building a solid foundation for their future endeavours. 


Brandon Hallmark





Meet the Head of Y9 - Mr Hallmark


Mr Hallmark has been a member of staff at RFSS for 4 years. He is a specialist in Science and has interests in sports, fashion, fitness and mental health and well-being. 


Working within the pastoral team has always been a real passion of his. To this end, Brandon has also supported students in improving attendance, working specifically with male students to improve attainment and is in the process of creating a social mental health mentoring group within school.

To further enhance his leadership skills, Brandon has recently completed an NPQ in leading behaviour and culture, demonstrating a commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive school environment.


Dealing with the challenges that students face and being able to support their safeguarding needs has been a privilege and a responsibility he has truly enjoyed.

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