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Turing House

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Learn a little more about Turing House

Welcome to Turing House, what a busy and successful year it has been for us! Thinking back to the start of the year, our Turing students have shown great enthusiasm to the House system at RFSS. We started with the naming of our House, which was widely voted for as ‘Turing’, named after Alan Turing, who was incredibly influential in cracking the code which resulted in the end of WW2. As well as this, Alan Turing was very resilient as he continued to be himself in a world that did not accept him for who he was at the time.

We have been incredibly successful this year and have so many achievements to boast! These include winning the Dodgeball and Rounders tournaments, winning the Bake-off competition and raising the highest amount of money for our voted charity ‘Fred Bennett’s - Don’t Look Down’ which looks to raise awareness for children’s cancer treatment, making the side effects of treatment kinder to children. Turing House raised a total of £319.00 which is phenomenal in such a short period of time – we can’t wait for this figure to rise again next year in our next fundraising events!

A final highlight to note is the incredible success on Sports Day, where Turing House led by 56 points to claim victory and lift the first ever RFSS Sports Day Cup – this will now be engraved and have yellow ribbon all year, what an achievement and long may it continue!

As a result, Turing secured 2nd place overall, coming 2nd to Pankhurst with 1125 points!

Miss Vella would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank all students who have promoted and taken part in the house competitions this year. It is clear to see that Miss Vella’s competitive nature is spreading throughout Turing House and she looks forward to this continuing in September.

Let’s start 2023/2024 strong, Turing! The House Cup is in sight already!

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