Registering your child for 

free school meals means 

that the school will receive 

extra money to enhance your 

child's education? 

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Free School Meals

You may have heard about the Government initiative, the “Pupil Premium”. It is a grant available for schools, determined by the number of students eligible.


If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM), or has been within the last 6 years, this grant is then offered to the school to support your child’s learning. The Pupil Premium is targeted funding; we have to demonstrate to the Government how we use the funding to benefit your child.


There is a Pupil Premium strategy. This includes extra-curricular activities, literacy and numeracy assistance plans, homework clubs and revision clubs; all designed to enhance your child’s education. If you are successful in registering for FSM, your child immediately receives the benefit of school lunches. You may have made the decision to provide your child with a packed lunch out of preference. Consider that if you choose your own packed lunch option, then you should still register with the school so that school are in receipt of this grant.


Schools will receive a further £935 for each student in year 7 to year 11, registered as eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years:


If you think your child might be eligible for free school meals please apply by following the link below:

Apply for free school meals