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Enrichment is a huge part of school life.

This is often some of the experiences we remember the most and can provide students with fantastic opportunities, these experiences push us out of our comfort zone and equip us with skills we can transfer into further learning and outside of the school environment.


The staff at RFSS offer a wide variety of different opportunities ranging from Duke of Edinburgh Awards to STEM clubs, Equality club to learning sign language with a wide variety of clubs in-between. Staff also offer homework clubs and interventions to support our student’s academic progression as well as developing wider skills.

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At RFSS we believe that 

learning should extend 

beyond the classroom. 


Clubs are offered throughout the week both at lunch time and after school. Please speak to the staff involved for more information. The timetable is reviewed each term to ensure that we are offering a wide variety of clubs. We have a proud history of entering both local, regional and national competitions and we have had some great success in sporting events and Robotics, where we have represented the region at national fixtures. Our termly Music concerts and recitals have always been well supported by students and parents showcasing the diverse skills that our students (and staff) possess.

All of the clubs hit our six core values of Endeavour, Respect, Kindness, Collaboration, Resilience and Curiosity. We also value the place that Enrichment sits within our curriculum, with all subjects planning within their schemes of learning opportunities for Enriching their curriculum so that all students’ experiences make their time at RFSS a time to remember.

  • Kindness
    We regularly give ‘shout outs’ for staff who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated an exceptional display of one of our values We encourage and try to support flexible working requests and promote ‘family values’ as something that makes the workforce distinctive. We try to ensure staff have the opportunity to attend personal events or celebrations when requested and within agreed time frame.
  • Collaboration
    We have an active Staff Wellbeing committee who meet regularly to discuss staff wellbeing and workload. We provide all new staff with a ‘buddy’ to provide support and advice. We plan a variety of staff social events across the year. We provide staff with a free lunch on the day of their duty. We have regular staff breakfasts, provide food on all CPD days and occasional treats such as Pizza!
  • Curiosity
    We invest heavily in staff CPD and both promote and support opportunities to develop staff. We provide opportunities for all staff to network and visit other schools to improve their practice and share great ideas.
  • Respect
    We have a Staff Room, where staff can meet, work and even socialise Each faculty has its own staff work room We have regular appraisal conversations to discuss career progression
  • Resilience
    We promote resilience through our reflective CPD pathways. We have an area in the staff room dedicated to wellbeing which is used to promote health and wellbeing. We share weekly health and wellbeing information.
  • Endeavour
    Promote a work life balance by being considerate when sending emails and holding meetings. We will endeavor to celebrate our staff and their achievements on a regular basis, for example; a black tie celebration evening.
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