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Health & Social Care

At a time where we need people to help others, to be caring and support others, we at RFSS are in a brilliant position to help inspire, educate and create students who are ready to make an amazing contribution to their local and wider community. 

Within health and social care students have opportunities to learn valuable skills to be successful within the health and social care sectors, to learn how to support themselves and others, and empower people to take care of themselves holistically. 


Unless someone like you 

cares a whole awful lot, 

nothing is going to get 

better. It's not. 


Dr Seuss

Students will learn about the careers they can go into through lessons, taster sessions, visits and more – there are over 350 career paths in the NHS alone. 

Our curriculum intent for health and social care is to give students the opportunity to learn about aspects of the health and social care environment.  This is ranging from how the human develops from birth to death, to different types of support that might be used when expected and unexpected events happen to us. We also look into to seeing how care values are expressed through the different sectors within health and social care. About three million people in the UK work in the health and social care sector - the equivalent to one in every 10 people. Demand for both health and social care is liable to continue to rise due to the ageing population, and so will play a very important role within the UK society. With this, there will be a greater demand for people to work in these roles. 

What are they learning?

Year 9

In Year 9, students can choose health and social care as an option. We start by learning how people grow and develop over the course of their lives, starting at infancy through to later adulthood. The learning of this development involves PIES - the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social factors - and what role they play within development. It then looks into how different factors can affect this. These major life events may be seen as marriage or parenthood; what then is observed is how people can adapt to this change, the understanding of this being shown through assignment-based assessment.


In Year 10, learning is done both through studying and practical work. Here an insight is given into the various groups who use or work in the healthcare industry and what title they may come under. This could be the ‘service users’ (those using the services), or the 'service providers' (those trained to give the care). It looks at people who need care, making students aware that they are not always ill but may have disabilities or other difficulties like living day-to-day lives. Care values are then covered, showing the importance of providing good health and social care values, giving an understanding of the importance that care values play to people when using the care services. Pupils demonstrate their skills of the care values through roleplay, and their understanding shown through assignment assessment and roleplay assessment. In Year 11, students focus on:

  • seeing what ‘healthy’ actually means
  • looking at how 'healthy' is not just about illness but for a person in late adulthood being mobile, having friends and being happy
  • the positive and negative factors that can influence the health and well-being of a person
  • interpreting the readings of lifestyle indicators, and in so being able to interpret someone's state of health
  • being able to design a plan with short and long-term targets to help a person get back into a healthy lifestyle
  • being aware of the barriers when people are trying to change to a healthy lifestyle. Their understanding of this is shown through an exam.

Potential Careers relating to your subject

Paramedic / Ambulance Care Attendant / Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) / Ambulance Call Taker / Pharmacists / Pharmacy Technician / Pharmacy/Dispensing Assistant / Medicines Counter Assistant / Social Worker / Social Care Worker / Allied Health Professionals (AHP) / Careers in Art Therapy / Dietitian / Occupational Therapist / Orthoptist / Physiotherapist / Podiatrist / Prosthetist and Orthotist / Radiographer / Speech and Language Therapist / Clinical Psychologist / Dental Nurse / Orthodontic Therapist / Dental Technician/Technologist / Dentist / Dental Hygienist / Childrens Nurse / Adult Nurse / Mental Health Nurse / Optometrist / Administration and Clerical Officer / Caterer / Domestic Services / Estates Officer / Healthcare Manager / ICT Officer / Medical Secretary / Porter / Security Officer / Support Team Worker

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