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Physical Education

At RFSS, GCSE PE gives students the opportunity to dig deeper into sport performance at its best. To learn the physiology and biomechanics behind the human body in sport, is to understand why it can perform skills required in different sports. 


We learn how our bodies systems work together to protect, nourish, move, recover and train for all sports. We learn about the psychology behind the perfect game or the perfect execution of a skill and how our mental state impacts what we do.

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To keep the body in good 

health is a duty...otherwise 

we shall not be able to 

keep the mind strong and 




Physical Education [PE] Department - Overarching Curriculum Intent (September 2023) 


RFSS Curriculum Vision Statement: 

To build an inclusive curriculum which is aspirational for all and empowers our students to make outstanding academic and personal progress.  

PE Curriculum in Context: 

Our intention is to deliver an ambitious, inclusive and challenging curriculum that will stimulate students physically, socially and cognitively within PE lessons. It will inspire our students to be confident, independent and inquisitive learners. Our aim is to promote a healthy active lifestyle focusing on enjoyment, a love of sport, physical activity and the importance of well-being. 

With the increased use of modern technology, social media and the impact of Covid 19, research has shown that fundamental movement skills are lacking in our young people.  Social skills are also a concern.  PE at Rugby Free strives to fill in the gaps as well as improve these skills for all students. 

Communication, leadership and teamwork skills are developed, increasing students’ physical as well as mental health and well-being. 

We will provide the students of the Rugby area with a broad, inspirational curriculum that allows for opportunities to participate in competitive sport (team and individual) whilst ‘Physically Educating’ pupils, in an inclusive environment regardless of sporting ability.  

The department will continually push the importance of sporting values, such as, fairness and respect along with core British values. These will form the heart of the curriculum and will continually be revisited, along with opportunities to build character and resilience in pupils at every opportunity. 


Curriculum Aims: 

Our curriculum aims to: 

  • Instill and develop fundamental movement skills to give students the best chance of establishing and maintaining physically active lives both across a broad range of activities and in the long term. 

  • Give students full access to the National Curriculum for PE which is differentiated to meet students’ learning needs and styles. 

  • Implement the national curriculum for PE to ensure that all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. 

  • are physically active for sustained periods of time. 

  • engage in competitive sports and activities. 

  • lead healthy, active lives. 

  • Explore and develop the students’ physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as promoting literacy and numeracy skills. 

  • Allow success to be experienced and exhibited for all students to encourage inclusion and independence. 

  • Provide students with the opportunity to express themselves physically, challenge themselves and others, experience different environments and activities, work together and release energy which will benefit the students’ mental health and lower anxiety levels.  

  • Allow students to achieve success in a variety of roles in PE such as leadership and officiating, not just practically. This will enhance their social and communication skills, self-belief as well as developing independent learners. 

  • Develop a healthy life-long love of sport and physical activity. 


Our broad and balanced curriculum concentrates on developing our students’ key knowledge and skills, and enhances their understanding of the world around them.   


We do this by: 

  • Providing fun and engaging PE lessons that are enjoyable, challenging, socially supportive and accessible to all. 

  • Exposing students to a variety of sports [both team and individual], physical activities and roles supported by passionate staff in lessons and after school during extra-curricular provision. 

  • Educating students into the mental benefits as well as the physical benefits of PE. 

  • Ensuring lessons are fully inclusive, nurturing students, promoting positive values, encouraging participation, as well as promoting excellence. 

  • Encouraging academic and personal progress through regular monitoring and assessment. 

  • Incorporating literacy and numeracy into PE lessons for cross curricular links and exploring new initiatives to get students more active. 


Our curriculum is focused on the development of communication, character and cultural capital of each individual student, so they become: 

  • Students who demonstrate the values of teamwork, passion, respect, determination, self-belief and honesty. 

  • Enthusiastic students who are motivated to take part in a wide variety of sports and physical activities both in and out of school. 

  • Hard-working students who are committed to fully developing and exploring their ideas. 

  • Resilient learners who reflect on their work, and the work of others in order to make progress. 

  • Physically and mentally aware students who understand the importance of being physically active and how to regulate their own mental health through physical activity. 

  • Ethically conscious students with values and morals. Moral traits such as kindness, respect, fairness, honesty and an appreciation of others. 


Curriculum Outcome: 

As a result of our curriculum, students will leave RFSS with a strong knowledge of a wide range of sports along with health and fitness ideas, on how to maintain a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle.  

They will leave wanting to be physically active, maintaining a lifelong involvement in sports and physical activity through participation, leadership or officiating. 

They will also leave knowing the importance of being physically active to their mental as well as physical health and with the social and communication skills combined with the self-confidence and independence needed to be successful in the future. 

Students who take the academic route through sport have an ability to gain employment within sport and gain access to Colleges/Universities. This will give them the opportunity to further study sport related courses and to supplement their understanding of the human mind and body and how it reacts to physical activity. 

Please view or download our 'Sequence Overview' document for PE

  • Kindness
    We regularly give ‘shout outs’ for staff who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated an exceptional display of one of our values We encourage and try to support flexible working requests and promote ‘family values’ as something that makes the workforce distinctive. We try to ensure staff have the opportunity to attend personal events or celebrations when requested and within agreed time frame.
  • Collaboration
    We have an active Staff Wellbeing committee who meet regularly to discuss staff wellbeing and workload. We provide all new staff with a ‘buddy’ to provide support and advice. We plan a variety of staff social events across the year. We provide staff with a free lunch on the day of their duty. We have regular staff breakfasts, provide food on all CPD days and occasional treats such as Pizza!
  • Curiosity
    We invest heavily in staff CPD and both promote and support opportunities to develop staff. We provide opportunities for all staff to network and visit other schools to improve their practice and share great ideas.
  • Respect
    We have a Staff Room, where staff can meet, work and even socialise Each faculty has its own staff work room We have regular appraisal conversations to discuss career progression
  • Resilience
    We promote resilience through our reflective CPD pathways. We have an area in the staff room dedicated to wellbeing which is used to promote health and wellbeing. We share weekly health and wellbeing information.
  • Endeavour
    Promote a work life balance by being considerate when sending emails and holding meetings. We will endeavor to celebrate our staff and their achievements on a regular basis, for example; a black tie celebration evening.

A Level Specification

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