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Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.


Albert Einstein

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Digital Communications -Computer Science

Computer Science recognises the well-established methodologies of computing, alongside the technological advances which make it such a dynamic subject.

Computer Science includes fresh features, including a programming exam to provide a programme of study for students of all ability levels.


Within computer science, students will develop logical thinking skills, and how to "think" like a computer. They will gain practical programming skills in python, one of the most common programming languages worldwide, the concepts of which can be applied to any programming language. They will also learn about the various job roles available for computer scientists in various industries, and begin to develop the skills they need for any of these careers that they may choose to pursue.

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Digital Communication - Overarching Curriculum Intent (September 2023) 


RFSS Curriculum Vision Statement: 

To build an inclusive curriculum which is aspirational for all and empowers our students to make outstanding academic and personal progress.  


Digital Communication Curriculum in Context: 

As we recover from the impact of COVID-19 we have built a curriculum that both bridges the gaps in student understanding of basic digital communication tools as well as developing the skills and attributes needed to be a success long term in their computing, business and media fields. There has been a societal move away from using desktop PC’s and their associated programs and onto hand-held devices whilst the world of work in corporates such devices the traditional use of programs such as MS Office, Photoshop and Python remain the dominate methods of input and task completion. We have developed a broad curriculum that aims to meet these long-term requirements on citizens whilst enthusing and inspiring students to take up careers and interests in our subject suite. 


Curriculum Aims: 

  • Fully support students that are happy, healthy and safe in the modern world.  

  • We want students to enjoy our lessons and look forward to the next one. 

  • Empower our students to know more, remember more and be able to do more: 

  • Understand a range of programs and their features 

  • Remember more about techniques used to create outstanding projects 

  • Do more by applying the skills demonstrated in lessons to advance the quality of their work 

  • Inspire our students to strive for excellence and success throughout their lives: 

  • We want students to develop their skills like acorns, to study our subjects at University, in Apprenticeships and in their careers as they become mighty Oaks 

  • Prepare our students to be both digitally literate, aware of the environment in which their digital selves operate but also to create new content 


Our broad and balanced curriculum concentrates on developing our students’ key knowledge and skills, and enhances their understanding of the world around them.   



We do this by: 

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and independence to explore ideas, programs and inspiring students’ creativity 

  • Facilitating collaboration, students will share new techniques, be self-critical and supportive peers 

  • Promoting challenge for all, irrespective of starting points by scaffolding knowledge and understanding allowing students to develop their skills and maximise their potential. 

  • Enabling creativity, students have broad choices to develop their own pathway through united and interpretation of briefs.  

  • Sequencing learning to ensure logical progression, both horizontally and vertically. Content and skills are revisited across the key stages and across our suite of subjects to develop confident learners 

  • Revisiting previous learning, key vocabulary, ideas and concepts to support the transfer to long-term memory.  


Our curriculum is focused on the development of communication, character and cultural capital of each individual student, so they become: 

  • Empathetic citizens who contribute positively to society in a respectful manner, who understand the power of the tools we use and the responsibility they have to use these tools correctly 

  • Reflective learners who are resilient enough to problem solve, reason, evaluate and debate as well as become critical of their outcomes to develop skills for the future. 

  • Articulate individuals who can verbalise their own thoughts, ideas and emotions. We support creativity and encourage all to express their ideas regardless of starting points. 

  • Hard-working and empathetic young people who are aware of how their learning links to real-world situations and can forge these links independently. 


Curriculum Outcome: 

As a consequence of our curriculum, students who leave RFSS will be equipped with the academic qualifications and personal qualities to progress into further education and employment. Our students will have a positive outlook and a commitment to achieving their personal best, being creative, enterprising and innovative through a love of life-long learning. 

Please view or download our 'Sequence Overview' document for Computer Science

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  • Kindness
    We regularly give ‘shout outs’ for staff who have gone above and beyond and demonstrated an exceptional display of one of our values We encourage and try to support flexible working requests and promote ‘family values’ as something that makes the workforce distinctive. We try to ensure staff have the opportunity to attend personal events or celebrations when requested and within agreed time frame.
  • Collaboration
    We have an active Staff Wellbeing committee who meet regularly to discuss staff wellbeing and workload. We provide all new staff with a ‘buddy’ to provide support and advice. We plan a variety of staff social events across the year. We provide staff with a free lunch on the day of their duty. We have regular staff breakfasts, provide food on all CPD days and occasional treats such as Pizza!
  • Curiosity
    We invest heavily in staff CPD and both promote and support opportunities to develop staff. We provide opportunities for all staff to network and visit other schools to improve their practice and share great ideas.
  • Respect
    We have a Staff Room, where staff can meet, work and even socialise Each faculty has its own staff work room We have regular appraisal conversations to discuss career progression
  • Resilience
    We promote resilience through our reflective CPD pathways. We have an area in the staff room dedicated to wellbeing which is used to promote health and wellbeing. We share weekly health and wellbeing information.
  • Endeavour
    Promote a work life balance by being considerate when sending emails and holding meetings. We will endeavor to celebrate our staff and their achievements on a regular basis, for example; a black tie celebration evening.
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