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Digital Media

The computing department at Rugby Free Secondary School is committed to developing the skills and knowledge students need to allow them to succeed in all aspects of future careers and education, through a rich and diverse curriculum.


Students live in a digital age where their work environments and lives are ever adapting, and technology plays a bigger role than ever. The role of the Digital Media curriculum is to equip students with computational thinking skills and understanding of the digital age so that they can better understand and live in a digital world.


The computer was born to 

solve problems that did not 

exist before. 


Bill Gates

Digital Media ensures that students are digitally literate and able to express themselves digitally. This is important as it prepares them for a job market where computational thinking skills are in demand.  


With a vast amount of resources, latest digital equipment available in the classrooms, and a rich extra-curricular provision, all students will receive a great learning experience, allowing them to develop their computational thinking, creativity, curiosity and collaborative skills, whilst working in a respectful and kind learning environment. This will provide them with an appreciation of how computing can be a part of any aspect of their life and how they can use these skills to understand and change the world.