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Education and society are rooted in English. History is documented, perspectives are captured, and empathy developed through literature. A high-quality education in English will teach students to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others. 

Through reading and listening, others are able to communicate their ideas and emotions with them. It is through reading that students are able to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually and socially, enabling them to acquire knowledge and build on their existing knowledge. 


This is part of the beauty 

of all literature. You discover 

that your longings are universal 

longings, so that you're not lonely 

and isolated from anyone.

You belong. 


F. Scott Fitzgerald

The opportunity to afford our students with our school values of equipping students with resilience, courage, respect, kindness and the ability to collaborate with others is founded in the exploration of literature.


With the evidenced disenfranchisement of students who cannot speak, read and write fluently, the skills of language are essential to ensuring that our students can fully participate in society and stand on the same platforms as those with power in a bid for social justice. All students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, both academically and socially, with no barriers to what they can achieve in school and beyond.

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What are they learning?

COVID-19 Policies

As of February 16, 2021, the current policies are in effect, due to Covid-19, in an effort to keep our customers and staff safe. Please note that these policies may be updated at any time with respect to legal mandates, as well as at the discretion of Enoree River Winery to help protect the health & safety of employees and patrons. Ways to enjoy and/or purchase Enoree River Winery wines: 1. Pre-order Online for take home. 2. Stop in to purchase take-home bottles during normal business hours 3. Purchase wine by the bottle or glass to enjoy in the vineyard or on the outside deck. The Tasting Room is reserved for wine tastings due to limited seating. Wine Tastings will not be served during certain wine events. 4. Stop in to these local stores to purchase select ERW Wines *Policies for Enjoying Wine at Enoree River Winery: Social Distancing:

  • Follow all social distancing guidelines as recommended by government officials and the CDC.
Outdoors: Guests may enjoy wine on the covered deck or the vineyard grounds. Wine tastings are not available outside. Indoors: Open solely for wine tastings, purchases, pick ups & bathroom usage. No more than 10 people are permitted inside at a time during music events. Learn more below. Use common sense. Wine:
  • IS available for purchase by the bottle, glass & as wine slushees, when in season.
  • Wine tastings are available in the tasting room Thursday-Sunday.
  • IS NOT available for tastings during Events.
Tasting Room & Purchases during Unpack the Porch Events:
  • During events, we are limiting the number of people inside (in line to purchase) to 10. Therefore, we ask guests to please enjoy their wine outdoors, after purchasing, to allow fellow patrons an opportunity to make their purchase.
  • Entry into the building is reserved for wine purchases to enjoy during the event & for take home, wine slushee purchases and/or to use the restroom.
  • All personal drinkware is strictly prohibited.
  • For safety, we provide plastic cups to enjoy your wine
  • OR you can purchase a souvenir glass available for $3 each to take home.

Event Details & Rules

Please note that rules are subject to change at any time due to COVID-19 mandates, as well as efforts needed to be put in place to protect the health and safety of our employees and patrons. Please review event rules below & the COVID-19 Policies. 1. Wine Tastings will not be available during specific events including: Spring & Fall Unpack the Porch events, Newberry Harvest Festival and other Wine Events.

  • Guests may purchase wine by the bottle or glass and wine slushees during Wine Events.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.
2. Food & Coolers:
  • For more information on food vendors who will be on-site for Wine Events, please visit our Events page to learn more about the specific event.
  • Boar's Head Hummus, Meat & Cheese Snacks are temporarily unavailable for purchase at the winery.
  • Outside food & coolers are prohibited on the property.

3. Outside, alcoholic beverages of any kind are strictly prohibited on Enoree River Winery & Vineyards property.

4. Outside drinkware is prohibited. Guests may consume purchased beverages from cups provided by Enoree River Winery or from a souvenir glass purchased for $3 from Enoree River Winery.

5. For the annual Harvest Festival in October & Un/Pack the Porch Events and Wine Events, please bring chairs & blankets as seating will be limited & first come, first serve. Carpooling is also suggested.

6. Due to liabilities, we ask that no pets be brought to the events.

7. Event Admission:
Please see specific events for admission price & availability. All wine by the bottle & glass, wine slushees & food will be sold separately.
Musical Talent will be playing all original music.

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